All In with Chris Hayes | MSNBC – March 19, 2018



Democrat Conor Lamb flipped a deep red district to blue in the Pennsylvania special election. Jason Kander and Cornell Belcher share their reactions.

More than 3,100 school walkouts to protest gun violence were scheduled across the country, including elementary school students who had a press packet ready for reporters when they arrived.

The president abandons restraint regarding the special counsel – and there is expected to be much more to come.

Cambridge Analytica, the Trump campaign’s big data company, now stands accused of wrongdoing – including possible criminal acts – on two continents

The Trump era has opened the floodgates for all sorts of personalities to run for office – and actress Cynthia Nixon is the latest to step into the fray with a run for governor of New York.

Facebook stock plummeted on the news that the Trump campaign’s big data company, Cambridge Analytica, allegedly harvested private information from more than 50 million Facebook users.

Jackie Speier, Natasha Bertrand, and James Henry join Chris Hayes to digest his conversation with one of the most fascinating figures in the Trump-Russia story, Felix Sater.

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