All In with Chris Hayes | MSNBC – March 9, 2018


Trump’s legal team reportedly wants to use an interview with the president as leverage to induce Robert Mueller to wrap up the Russia probe.

The White House is refusing to cooperate with a request from the Republican chairman of the House Oversight Committee to answer questions about why former Staff Secretary Rob Porter was allowed to work with an interim security clearance.

The Federal Transit Administration has been advising a New Jersey town on a project to develop a ferry service that would bring passengers to the doorstep of a resort co-owned by Jared Kushner.

EPA chief Scott Pruitt sought “to stage public debates challenging climate change science,” reports the New York Times, and President Trump “expressed enthusiasm” for the idea.

The Republican-controlled House and Senate in Florida passed new gun restrictions – and hours after Governor Rick Scott signed the bill, the NRA announced they’re suing the state.

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