Deadline: White House | MSNBC – March 29, 2018



– Nicolle Wallace, NYT’s Mark Mazzetti, MSNBC analysts Jeremy Bash & Frank Figliuzzi on report detailing Trump’s then attorney John Dowd discussions of pardons for Manafort and Flynn

– Fmr. FBI Asst. Dir. Frank Figliuzzi & Fmr. CIA CoS Jeremy Bash on court docs connecting Trump campaign officials to Russian Intel agent

– MSNBC analyst Elise Jordan and NYT’s Nick Confessore on the many secretive connections between the Trump campaign and Russian officials

– NYT’s Nick Confessore & The Root’s Jason Johnson on Michael Avenatti’s new motion seeking to depose Donald Trump

– The Root’s Jason Johnson and Bustle’s Alicia Menendez on GOP lawmakers new politically motivated concern for Mueller’s investigation

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