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There are obvious examples of bias at some of the highest levels in our system of justice.

The Justice Department handed over missing text messages sent by FBI officials Peter Strzok and Lisa Page; Rep. Ron DeSantis reacts on ‘Hannity.’

President Trump responded to praise from rapper Kanye West; Conservative commentator Candace Owens weighs in.

‘People Are Tired of This’: Limbaugh Blasts Comey, ‘Double Standard’ In Press Coverage

Author and attorney David Limbaugh ripped former FBI Director James Comey and what he called inequitable coverage of the Trump-Russia probe and allegations against Hillary Clinton.

“People are tired of this,” Limbaugh, brother of conservative commentator Rush Limbaugh, said.

He said Comey presented a “casual indifference to the funding of the [Steele] dossier and whether it constituted a major part of the FISA application to [spy on Trump campaign aides].”

Limbaugh questioned whether Comey’s entire focus has been on “pushing his book” and not reading up on the facts.

He also reacted to President Trump’s feud with Comey, with each man accusing the other of being untruthful.

“This is what Middle America likes about Trump. When he’s falsely accused of something he fights back. He does it publicly. He does it from the heart,” Limbaugh said.

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