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Geraldo: Texas Bomber ‘More Like The Joker Than The Unabomber’

Geraldo Rivera said the bomber afflicting the Austin, Texas area is more like the Joker from “Batman” than the Unabomber, to whom he or she has been compared.

Rivera said the Joker’s modus operandi was to inflict “maximum pain and maximum terror.”

Parallels have been drawn between the Texas incidents and Theodore Kaczynski – a domestic terrorist serving consecutive life sentences at an infamous Colorado supermax prison.

From 1978-1995 Kaczynski, now 75, inflicted terror on America and later was found to have intentionally targeted those involved in the sciences as a one-man revolt against the Industrial Revolution.

Late Tuesday, an “incendiary device” that was found in a Goodwill consignment shop honor box detonated, and as FoxNews.com reported, the FBI and ATF said initial evidence shows the incident is not connected to the other bombings.

However, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton (R) told Rivera and Sean Hannity that he and his authorities believe it is indeed the work of the same bomber from over the past several days.

“We think it’s the same bomber,” Paxton said.

“This son of a b***h is a terrorist,” Rivera responded, saying the man or woman is trying to “paralyze the capital of Texas.”

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