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‘The Carnival Barker in the Press Room’ Sean Spicer Blasts ‘Clueless’ Jim Acosta

Sean Hannity asked former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer about one of his foils in the briefing room, CNN’s Jim Acosta.

In a recent tweet, Acosta criticized current Trump spokeswoman Sarah Sanders for making it a third consecutive briefing without calling on Acosta or his network.

Spicer ripped Acosta, calling him the “carnival barker in the press room.”

He agreed with Sanders’ tweet in response to the 46-year-old reporter, which said that “courage” is not the act of taking a question from him, but was instead personified in the wounded veterans that were at the day’s briefing.

“[Acosta] is both clueless and classless,” Spicer said.

“Because Jim Acosta didn’t get his precious question, which I’m sure would’ve amounted to screaming and yelling at something absurd, he feels as though [Sanders] showed a lack of courage,” Spicer said.

He said the two veterans, John Peck and Liam Dwyer, were both wounded in Iraq, sought treatment and reenlisted – later being further wounded in battle.


Roger Stone: Obama Admin’s FISA ‘Abuse of Power’ Makes ‘Watergate Look Like Small Potatoes’


Former aide to President Richard Nixon and veteran political consultant Roger Stone said repeated accusations against President Trump and his associates represent a “distraction” from the real breach of decorum in the Obama administration.

Sean Hannity asked Stone about Sam Nunberg, a former Trump aide-turned-critic who held several interviews Monday about the Mueller probe.

Stone admitted that he knows Nunberg well, but maintained that the aide is not acting or speaking on his behalf or direction.

Stone also reacted to allegations he received hacked WikiLeaks documents from Russian sources and gave them to then-candidate Donald Trump.

“I never received anything whatsoever,” Stone, a former partner at Black Manafort & Stone, said.

Stone said the entire Russia storyline surrounding Trump is a “distraction” from questionable actions by the Obama administration.

He said that the Trump allegations keep attention off the fact Obama administration officials utilized “what they knew was fabricated evidence to justify legally the surveillance of the Republican candidate for president.”

“What did Obama know and when did he know it?” Stone asked, calling the situation surrounding the related FISA warrant “an abuse of power that makes Watergate look like small potatoes.”


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