Hardball with Chris Matthews – 12/13/18 | MSNBC


– Trump faces more legal trouble, with the Wall Street Journal revealing a new criminal investigation into the President, and NBC reporting that Trump is “alarmed by the prospect” of being impeached.

– The President’s under a lot of pressure — with his former lawyer, Michael Cohen, claiming Trump directed him to commit a crime – and new reports that place the President in the room during discussions with media company AMI over protecting Trump from negative stories during the 2016 campaign.

– Our Hardball roundtable discusses Trump’s Fox News interview today, where he bragged about everything ranging from his relationship to China to the support he claims he has among women, as well as the news that Nancy Pelosi has the votes to become the next Speaker of the House.

– In his Let Me Finish, Chris Matthews says that today’s unanimous Senate vote condemning the Saudi crown prince for journalist Jamal Khashoggi’s murder is the United States telling the world that “this crime against truth will not stand.”

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