Hardball with Chris Matthews – 6/1/18 | MSNBC


At first, Trump told the press that the letter delivered from Kim Jong Un was “interesting.” But then a few minutes later, he said he hadn’t read it yet. The White House has now confirmed Trump has read the letter and there were no surprises.

About an hour before the report was released, Trump tweeted, “Looking forward to seeing the employment numbers at 8:30 this morning.” But President Trump did not tip his hand on Twitter about the jobs report, says top White House economic advisor Larry Kudlow.

Among the many unexplained contacts between the President’s associates and the Russians was a secret meeting in the Seychelles just before Trump’s inauguration. NBC News is reporting that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is scrutinizing another figure who happened to be in the Seychelles around the same time that meeting took place.

“Headliners: Robert F. Kennedy” airs on Sunday at 9 PM ET, on MSNBC. Here’s a clip from the special.

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