MTP Daily with Chuck Todd | MSNBC – 4/4/18


Chuck Rosenberg explains why Special Counsel Robert Mueller has no motivation to play games or trick Trump into meeting with him for the Russia probe.

Former U.S. Attorney Chuck Rosenberg says ‘relatively speaking being a subject is better than being a target but it’s still pretty awful.”

Meet the Midterms: ‘Blue wave’ hits Wisconsin Supreme Court race Republicans are sounding the alarm after losing a state Supreme Court seat in Wisconsin, leading Republican Governor Scott Walker to tweet that the election results “show we are at risk of a Blue Wave in Wisconsin.”

Chairman of the Human Rights Foundation, Garry Kasparov, says Putin is “more powerful than the Russian state” because Trump wants a personal relationship with him.

Reverend Jesse Jackson joins MTP Daily from Memphis, Tenn. to talk Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s work in the days before his assassination and the impact its made on today’s activists.

Last night, Wisconsin held an election for a state Supreme Court judge and Chuck’s obsessed. Why do we allow the election of judges in the first place?

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