Special Report – 6/11/18 | Fox News


President Trump spent Monday preparing for his summit with Kim Jong Un by meeting with Singapore’s prime minister, speaking with Korea’s president and Japan’s prime minister and then huddling with his national security team; John Roberts reports for ‘Special Report.’

China and South Korea weighed in and hope the meeting will be successful, despite summit-eve worries for the Korean peninsula; Greg Palkot has the latest developments for ‘Special Report.’

On ‘Special Report,’ former national security official discusses the expectations and possibilities heading into the historic meeting with Kim Jong Un.

Supreme Court has given state officials the green light to purge the voter polls due to inactivity; Shannon Bream explains.

Former DOJ official says the inspector general normally gives cooperating witnesses a chance to respond, which may explain the delays. In a separate development, Sen. Johnson is asking the FBI director about the Strzok-Page redactions. Catherine Herridge goes in-depth for ‘Special Report.’

Trump administration remains undeterred, despite the Canadians threatening new tariffs if he tears up trade agreements; Peter Doocy reports.

Inside the atmosphere ahead of the historic summit

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