Special Report w/ Bret Baier | Fox News – 4/9/18


US Attorney John Lausch is set to lead in the release of over 1.2 million documents involving FISA warrants, Clinton investigation and McCabe’s overall role; Peter Doocy joins us live from Capitol Hill.

Seize records relating to Stormy Daniels from office of President Trump’s lawyer; chief intelligence correspondent Catherine Herridge and chief White House correspondent John Roberts report.

President Trump warns a decision on U.S. retaliation for a suspected chemical attack in Syria is coming soon; chief White House correspondent John Roberts reports.

Israeli policy bans transfer of weapons to Hezbollah; Conor Powell reports from Jerusalem.

At least 40 dead in suspected chemical attack; senior political analyst Brit Hume weighs in.

President blasts Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation as ‘an attack on our country,’ criticizes Jeff Sessions for ‘terrible decision’ to recuse himself.

President calls the Russian investigation a ‘witch hunt’; reaction and analysis from ‘Special Report’ All-Stars.

Facebook CEO takes responsibility for social network’s scandals; Peter Doocy reports from Washington.

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