The 11th Hour with Brian Williams – 4/10/18


During a meeting set to be about the reports of chemical weapons attacks in Syria and how the U.S. might respond, Trump took time to blast the FBI’s raid on his personal attorney Michael Cohen. Our expert panel reacts.

Steve Schmidt, a veteran Republican strategist had some choice words after Trump attacked the FBI’s raid on his personal attorney, Michael Cohen. Schmidt joins to react.

After the FBI raided the office & home of Trump’s personal lawyer, the president called it a ‘disgrace’ and ‘an attack on our country.’ FBI veteran Frank Montoya, Jr. reacts to Trump’s attacks on the DOJ & FBI.

What do we know about Trump’s longtime personal lawyer who was the subject of rains by the FBI? Ashley Parker of The Washington Post breaks it down

The New York Times reports that Trump tried to fire Robert Mueller in December of 2017, the second time he’s reportedly said to have attempted to get rid of the Russia Special Counsel. Michael Schmidt who broke the story has more.

Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders says the White House has been advised that Trump has the power to fire Robert Mueller. This as The New York Times breaks the news Trump sought to fire Mueller in December. Our panel reacts.

Does the president really have the authority to fire Russia Special Counsel Robert Mueller as the White House says he does? Our expert panel breaks it all down.

As news comes that porn star Stormy Daniels is cooperating with the feds after the FBI raided Trump’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen, her attorney Michael Avenatti joins the program and blasts the quality of Trump’s legal team.

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