The 11th Hour with Brian Williams – 4/30/18 | MSNBC


Two reporters at The New York Times have obtained and published a list of 49 questions Robert Mueller wants to ask President Trump. Both of those reporters join us to walk us through the list.

Among the 49 questions Mueller wants to ask Trump obtained and published by The New York Times is this one: ‘Did you discuss whether Mr. Sessions would protect you, and reference past attorneys general?’ Our panel reacts.

Responding to an exclusive report by NBC News, Trump’s White House Chief of Staff John Kelly denies what multiple officials told NBC News: that Kelly repeatedly referred to Trump as ‘an idiot.’ Ashley Parker & Jill Colvin react.

Stormy Daniels filed a defamation suit against Trump over a tweet in which Trump implied Daniels was lying about being threatened to keep quiet about their alleged sexual encounter. A.B. Stoddard & Barbara McQuade discuss.

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