The 11th Hour with Brian Williams – 4/6/18


The Associated Press reports that White House Chief of Staff has lost clout with the president inside the White House. Our panel reacts.

Breaking his silence on Stormy Daniels while speaking to reporters on Air Force One, Trump says he had no knowledge of the $130,000 hush money payment made to the porn star by his attorney. Our panel breaks down the legal implications.

As the number of controversies and bad headlines grow for embattled EPA Director Scott Pruitt, Trump voices his support while speaking to reporters. Our panel reacts.

EPA boss Scott Pruitt is still on the job as pressure grows for Trump to fire him in the face of multiple ethics scandals. This comes as the White House deals with tanking stock markets on the fear of a possible trade war with China – plus the Mueller probe and the Stormy Daniels scandal. Our panel reacts.

Even as Pres. Trump’s allies repeatedly warn him not to sit down for an interview with Russia Special Counsel Robert Mueller, there’s news his legal team is discussing it. Our panel reacts to all the latest Russia probe news.

Hitting oligarchs, businesses, and more, the Trump Treasury Department handed down a tough package of sanctions against Russia. Our panel breaks it all down.

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