The 11th Hour with Brian Williams – April 12, 2018


Retired four-star Gen. Barry McCaffrey discusses what an endgame in Syria might look like and predicts that the Trump administration will likely deploy strikes within the next two days.

Veteran DC attorney Bob Bennett, who represented Bill Clinton in the Paula Jones case, assesses the capabilities of Trump’s legal team while refusing to say if he’s been approached about representing the president.

Late Wednesday, Trump tweeted to his followers that Sean Hannity was going to have a ‘big show.’ This comes as Trump’s legal & media allies take to the airwaves of his favorite cable news channel to give him advice on the Mueller probe. Our panel reacts.

Robert Costa of The Washington Post joins to discuss his new reporting that Steve Bannon is offering Trump a plan to ‘cripple’ Mueller and his investigation.

MSNBC has obtained copies of fired FBI Director James Comey’s book, ‘A Higher Loyalty.’ In it, he likens Trump officials to mobsters and says the president is ‘untethered to truth.’ We talk to two reporters who’ve read the book in full, Philip Rucker and Jon Lemire.

In his new book, ‘A Higher Loyalty,’ fired FBI Director James Comey details a meeting with Trump officials about Russia’s hacks on the 2016 election. Fmr. federal prosecutor Joyce Vance breaks down what Comey’s account could mean.

Did the Feds get audio recordings of sensitive conversations made by Trump’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen when they raided his home and office? Jeremy Bash joins to discuss.

NBC News breaks the news that Monday’s raid on Trump’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen upended talks over Trump sitting down with investigators. Our panel discusses what that means for Mueller’s investigation.

Taking to Twitter two days in a row on the topic, the president offers conflicting messages about a possible response to reports of chemical attacks in Syria’s brutal civil war. Col. Jack Jacobs & Malcolm Nance discuss.

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