The 11th Hour with Brian Williams – March 30, 2018


– Fired VA Secretary David Shulkin says he and Trump spoke just before he was fired on Twitter, and Trump didn’t mention it. Our panel discusses the Trump White House chaos as The Washington Post’s Philp Bump notes Trump loses a top official about every nine days.

– Longtime Trump aide Hope Hicks has worked her last day in the West Wing. That’s reportedly leaving White House staffers worried her absence could mean more chaos to come.

– Seeming to confuse a vocational school with a community college while speaking in Ohio, Trump added: ‘I don’t know what that means, a community college.’

– Reuters is reporting that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is looking into whether Jeff Sessions – then a Trump surrogate – met with Russia’s ambassador at the 2016 Republican National Convention in Cleveland. Our panel reacts.

– In a scene reminiscent of a spy thriller, the feds met, detained, questioned, & subpoenaed a new witness in the Mueller probe at the airport. So who is Ted Malloch? Our panel breaks it down.

– On the heels of high-profile White House firings & dismissals, a new Washington Post report details one office inside Trump’s White House marred by inexperience and drinking games. Our panel reacts.

– After facing scrutiny over spending tax-payer money on travel and security, EPA Director Scott Pruitt is now facing questions over a report that he stayed in a home linked to a lobbyist for a reduced rent.

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