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The Five: Rahm Emanuel Throws Cold Water on Maxine Waters’ Trump Impeachment Demand


The panel on “The Five” discussed opposing messages from two major figures in the Democratic Party over demands that President Donald Trump be impeached.

Rep. Maxine Waters of South Los Angeles claimed in a television interview, “I’m told that 70 percent of women who have been polled say that they want [Trump] impeached.”

Waters previously has repeatedly called for such actions.

Her Democratic colleagues Reps. Al Green of Houston and Brad Sherman of Sherman Oaks, Calif. have both drafted Articles of Impeachment against Trump.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel (D), another frequent critic of the president, warned that impeachment is a “legal constitutional standard” and not something to be thrown about in a political way.

“I’m angry at what [Trump’s] done,” Emanuel said. “[But] you don’t just treat the policy standard of impeachment… as a political tool.”

Emanuel said that such debate should be held until Trump’s actions meet the Constitutional “standard” for impeachment.

Greg Gutfeld said Emanuel may also be cautioning against impeachment because a successful proceeding would result in a “President Mike Pence” – who would be “to the right” of Trump on most issues.

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