The Five | Fox News Show – 4/5/18


‘He Won This Round’: Gutfeld Says Trump’s ‘Metaphorical Wall’ Led to Disbanding of ‘Caravan’

In the battle over DACA and immigration policy, President Donald Trump “won” the latest round of the political battle, Greg Gutfeld said on “The Five.”

“This wasn’t a story until Trump made [it one],” Gutfeld said of the caravan of Honduran nationals that was transiting north through Mexico.

Gutfeld and Kimberly Guilfoyle said Trump also was likely “rattled” by a series of scathing tweets from conservative attorney and author Ann Coulter. Fox News also reported on the caravan as it was on the move.

Coulter ripped Trump for signing the omnibus bill and not acting thoroughly or quickly enough to deal with illegal immigration.

Gutfeld said Trump’s threat to send the National Guard to the border to intercept the Honduran caravan was a “metaphorical wall” that itself rattled the activists supporting the migrants.

“He takes a story that the media ignores (the caravan) and then makes it the story,” Gutfeld said.

He said Trump created a political confrontation by erecting “a metaphorical wall, i.e. himself, by saying, ‘I’m sending in the army.'”

The panel said that after Trump’s decision, Mexico capitulated and began helping break apart the caravan of potential illegal immigrants.

They also, however, played tape of Trump detractors’ reactions to his National Guard plan.

Phoenix-area Congressman Ruben Gallego (D-Ariz.) said the idea was a “political ploy” to “boost numbers with his voters.”

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