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Gutfeld: Hillary ‘Bitter’ Because ‘Decades of Doing Her Husband’s Bidding Didn’t Pay Off’

Greg Gutfeld reacted to controversial comments Hillary Clinton made at a forum in Mumbai last week.

Clinton told the audience there that her campaign did not do well with white men or married white women because some of the latter vote for the GOP in the face of pressure from their “husbands, bosses or sons.”

Gutfeld said Clinton “took a front-end loader and dug a hole so deep you could fit all her husband’s skeletons in it.”

He noted that Clinton later said she “meant no disrespect” – which he said meant she apparently did not think comments made half a world away would make their way to the States.

Gutfeld said that recently, Clinton’s comments remind voters why she lost to President Donald Trump.

He said she is “projecting” her bitterness of being out of politics because “decades of doing her husband’s submissive bidding didn’t pay off.”

“The world is an unjust place in her vengeful state,” he said.

Gutfeld said that, in response to dealing with Bill over the years and not making it to the same office he held from 1993-2001, she’s “paying back” her feelings “a million-fold” on female Trump voters.

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