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Former ICE Special Agent: Trump Policies Not Drastic; ‘Returning to Status Quo’ Before Obama

Former ICE Special Agent Claude Arnold said Tuesday that President Trump’s adjustment to his illegal-immigrant detention policy is not a drastic change.

Arnold said Trump is simply “returning back to the status quo [that existed] prior to the Obama administration.”

He said that now, if ICE is pursuing a “priority target” and incidentally runs into another illegal immigrant facing possible deportation, they will no longer “turn a blind eye” to the latter individual.

Arnold said Obama-era policies “restricted” the power of ICE.

Jason Chaffetz said that, despite forced noncooperation from local California authorities, ICE arrests in the Central Valley region have risen.

Chaffetz, a former Utah congressman, said he has witnessed ICE detain people in a “delicate way, yet a difficult way.”

He and Arnold also criticized several lawmakers and media personalities who have been critical of ICE.

One clip showed Rep. Yvette Clarke (D-N.Y.) calling ICE the “Gestapo” as she and other Democrats stood outside a New York City federal building.

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