The Ingraham Angle | Fox News Show – 4/10/18


Ingraham: Trump Should ‘Follow Political Instincts’ and Ignore the ‘Swamp’

In her “Angle” commentary, Laura Ingraham said President Donald Trump should follow his political instinct and ignore the calls of the dwellers of the “swamp.”

Ingraham said that every time Trump listens to a “card-carrying member of the [Washington, D.C.] swamp, disaster follows.”

She pointed to the omnibus spending bill and the possible intervention in Syria following a gas attack on civilians.

Ingraham ripped the mainstream media for their “sideshow drama” in place of more important stories.

She said the media should focus on issues where Trump has been focused.

Ingraham said Trump followed his instincts and blasted the transiting of Honduran migrants through part of Mexico in a “caravan.”

Shortly thereafter, the caravan reportedly disbanded, and Ingraham said the “stragglers” will now be met by Trump-sanctioned National Guard troops should they make it to the United States border.

“President Trump’s political instincts are… really good,” she said, also pointing to Chinese President Xi Jinping appearing to slacken trade barriers.

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