The Ingraham Angle | Fox News Show – 4/9/18


Liberals have gone from promoting free speech to silencing voices they don’t agree with.

Trump supporters discuss whether the social network is trying to silence conservatives on ‘The Ingraham Angle.’

President Trump slams FBI raid as part of special counsel witch hunt.

Dr. John McAdams was suspended for defending a student’s right to free speech. The conservative professor explains his case on ‘The Ingraham Angle.’

‘Their Efforts Are Stalinist’: Ingraham Says ‘We Will Never Give In’ to Censorship of Conservatives

Laura Ingraham responded to the ongoing silencing and demeaning of conservative voices in America over the past several decades.

She said that “bullies on the left” are continuing to “aim to silence conservatives.”

Ingraham said educators first tried to indoctrinate 1980s students into believing Reaganism and conservative Constitutional principles were “racist” because the founders and other key icons of the movement were apparently “racist white men.”

“Their ultimate goal was to bully them into silence,” she said. “It failed.”

But, she said that the left’s “propaganda” did get through to some of the students and “shaped a new generation of young adults” who came up with new jargon like “safe spaces,” “microaggression” and “white privilege” as rhetorical tools to silence opposing views.

She cited a recent Brookings survey that said 51 percent of students find it appropriate to shout down a speaker’s opposing views.

Ingraham lamented the “contraction of free speech all around us.”

“People don’t even seem to notice,” she said, pointing out that little is made of events like a vicious attack on a Trump-supporting student by left-wing demonstrators in San Jose, Calif.

Kevin Williamson, a conservative Trump critic formerly at National Review, was recently fired by The Atlantic after an old podcast surfaced in which the writer characterized abortion as a homicide and said it should be punished similarly.

“Their efforts are Stalinist,” Ingraham said of the left’s intolerance. “We will never relent and we will never give in.”

She warned of an impending “transformation of American society… through demonization and silencing.”

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