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‘Where Did ‘That’ Donald Trump Go?’: Ingraham Calls on POTUS to Stand Up to GOP on $1.3T Spending Bill

Laura Ingraham said President Trump is appearing to consent to the passage of a $1.3 trillion omnibus spending bill championed by GOP leadership.

The bill, more than two thousand pages long, is up for debate this week ahead of a government funding deadline.

Ingraham said the Republicans are combining with Democrats and consider the huge bill “business as usual” on Capitol Hill, in opposition to the principles Trump pushed as a candidate.

A small fraction of the bill is devoted to border security, while Planned Parenthood and sanctuary cities continue to be funded.

“[Trump] won [by] calling out the establishment,” Ingraham said. “Where did ‘that’ Donald Trump go?”

Ingraham said the spending bill is forcing America to further borrow money from Germany, China and Japan.

“Take this opportunity tonight to challenge the GOP leadership,” Ingraham said.

She added that, after hearing initial criticisms of the bill, Trump called Republican leaders Rep. Paul Ryan and Sen. Mitch McConnell to the White House, but afterward appeared to agree with their support for the bill.

Ingraham said that he should instead “stand up” to the leadership, and promise not to sign the bill unless it includes full funding for the border wall and “total defunding of sanctuary cities.”

She added that Trump’s announcement should include a call for Democrats to promise to hold hearings to confirm dozens of appointees lacking confirmation.

Ingraham mentioned Richard Grenell, a former diplomat who was nominated months ago to be Ambassador to Germany.

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