The Ingraham Angle | Fox News Show | March 5, 2018


Author Ann Coulter said the Oscars ceremony pushed aside the #MeToo movement in favor of politically charged speeches against President Trump and in favor of illegal immigration.

Actor Kumail Nanjiani said “we are all DREAMERs” while presenting an award and emcee Jimmy Kimmel repeatedly riffed on the president.

At one point, Kimmel said a film that involves a homosexual relationship was produced in order to annoy Vice President Mike Pence.

“[This] was supposed to be the big #MeToo Oscars,” Coulter said. “Very quickly [they] went off the rails.”

Coulter said “heroes” of the women’s rights movement like Mira Sorvino had their careers “destroyed” but were given little attention Sunday night.

She said such storylines were “pushed aside” to talk about transgender rights and illegal immigrants.

Coulter said Hollywood would have a wider fan base if they dropped the politics and focused solely on acting.

She praised English-American actor Gary Oldman for his pro-America acceptance speech.

Oldman, who portrayed Winston Churchill in a recent film, said he was “deeply grateful” for all of the gifts America has given him.



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