The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell – March 27, 2018



Lawrence O’Donnell explains why reporters shouldn’t believe the White House’s denials until Donald Trump speaks for himself on the Stormy Daniels affair, and how Michael Avenatti’s legal ‘trap’ could snare Trump’s team.

Ron Klain and Dahlia Lithwick discuss why Donald Trump is still fighting Stormy Daniels’ lawsuit even after she told her story on “60 Minutes”. Ron Klain says Trump’s legal strategy points to some “unknown evidence” that could be even more damaging to Trump.

A GOP and Democratic senator have a new plan to protect the Mueller probe and Democrats are calling for DOJ officials to do the same. House Intel Cmte. members Rep. Eric Swalwell & Mike Quigley discuss threat to the investigation and chaos in House Russia probes.

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