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Ben Shapiro: Media Using Schoolchildren as ‘Political Human Shields’ in Gun Control Push

“Daily Wire” editor Ben Shapiro said he’s been inundated with messages from concerned students who support the Second Amendment while also wanting to support the victims of the Florida school shooting.

Shapiro said one student said they felt they had a choice to “go against their values” or “look like a bad person.”

He said the media and Democrats “bullied” students into walking out of class Wednesday nationwide.

He said he told students to join the walkouts but instead of pro-gun control paraphernalia, they should instead present signs reading “standing with children – standing with the Second Amendment” and the like.

Shapiro said the left’s premise is that “if you disagree with them on gun control you don’t care enough about kids.”

The media, he said, is celebrating the marches, “putting [students] in photo ops” or “using as political human shields.”

One main fact that is being missed in the gun control push is that tragedy and age don’t actually confer any sort of expertise on an issue, Shapiro said.

He remarked that the media wants 17-year-old to make public policy, but yet not actually be able to purchase firearms.

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