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Father of Parkland Victim Slams ‘Embarrassment of an Officer’ Who Failed to Enter School

Andrew Pollack, whose daughter died in the Parkland, Fla., high school shooting last month, slammed a Broward County deputy who waited outside Marjory Stoneman Douglas High while the massacre was unfolding inside.

In the newly released 27-minute video from a school surveillance camera, Deputy Scot Peterson can be seen standing with his gun drawn next to a civilian security monitor, but he never enters the building.

Peterson retired last month after Sheriff Scott Israel said an internal investigation had been opened to examine why the deputy did not enter the school to engage the killer, who murdered 17 people.

Pollack said he couldn’t stomach watching the video, but he had some strong words for Peterson.

“Not only is he an embarrassment to every police officer that puts a uniform on, he’s a coward and he’s also a liar,” Pollack said.

Peterson, through his attorney, has insisted he did not know where the shots were coming from and thought the shooter was outside, so he took cover.

Pollack said the video and audio recordings released by the sheriff’s office tell a very different story.

He added that Peterson arrived on the scene three minutes into the shooting, so he had ample time to save the students who were on the third floor, like Pollack’s daughter Meadow.

“We have to take more measures. We can’t just rely on one SRO officer to protect our kids.”

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