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Tucker Reacts to Caravan’s Demand Trump Pay Them $50K to Go Home

Tucker Carlson spoke with a Mexican politician who said members of the migrant caravan went to an American consulate in the area and demanded President Donald Trump pay them $50,000 to go back to Honduras.

Genaro Lopez said the caravan leaders also presented another letter to Trump demanding that he “extradite” Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez on unspecified charges that appeared loosely related to hurting the nation’s economy.

“Pay them or they won’t leave — that sounds like an extortion attempt,” Carlson responded.

Carlson said American political leaders including most Democrats and House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) have believed that in order to “atone” for past national sins, “we must… welcome an endless chain of migrant caravans.”

“Anyone disagreeing is denounced as a bigot and fired, but [the left] didn’t explain those rules to the residents of Tijuana,” he said.

Lopez said police made about 280 arrests of migrants in Tijuana, adding that the crimes charged have heightened from public intoxication to home invasion.

“Things aren’t getting better, they’re probably getting worse,” he said, adding that a local priest successfully got the Mexican federal government to halt a city order that the caravan vacate the town this week.

Carlson said “rich liberals” should not be surprised that their public promises of a comfortable life in America were heeded en masse by the caravan.

Lopez said Tijuana normally thrives in the winter as a tourist destination, but that the influx of migrants has hurt that prospect for this Christmas.

Lopez and Carlson also criticized American leftists and media figures who had championed the caravan.

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