Tucker Carlson Tonight – 4/13/18 | Fox News


Tucker: Bank of America announced that it will no longer lend money to companies that manufacture so-called ‘assault weapons’ for civilian use. This is a victory for gun control, but not for America. We should all be very worried, This is a threat to the country.

Harvard law professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz on James Comey’s revelation in his new book that he did not tell Trump Dems were behind the Russian dossier, the ramifications of Comey’s book, Trump lawyer Michael Cohen being under investigation for his personal business dealings and the state of the collusion case.

Critics say James Comey’s book lacks the earth-shaking bombshell revelations that were promised about the Trump administration and Trump’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, is under investigation for personal business dealings. With still no evidence of collusion, is the ‘Resistance’ running out of steam?

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