Tucker Carlson Tonight – 4/17/18 | Fox News


Tucker: The takeaway from James Comey’s ABC News interview is that he never should have been FBI director because he’s too partisan. Trump’s mistake was not firing him on Inauguration Day. Democrats get every benefit of every doubt from Comey. But he’s happy to speculate about the white circles under President Trump’s eyes.

Brit Hume reflects on life of former first lady Barbara Bush, reflecting that she had strong views but was never controversial, devoted to her husband and the embodiment of grace.

John Sununu, former President George H.W. Bush’s Chief of Staff, pays tribute to former first lady Barbara Bush, says she could tell the phonies from the real people, and was the ‘enforcer’ of the Bush family.

Dana Perino reflects on life and legacy of former first lady Barbara Bush, remembering her sense of grace and the fact she wanted her children and grandchildren to appreciate volunteer work and public service.

Tucker: Elites have decided we need to actually provoke Russia, even though they have thousands of nuclear weapons, rather than face the real reason they lost in 2016 and that admit the collusion theory is absurd.

Calif. Rep. Jeff Denham says he has a coalition of votes, including about 50 Republicans plus almost all Democrats, that could force the House to vote on immigration proposals despite opposition from GOP leaders. Many of those proposals would provide amnesty to so-called Dreamers, without getting any serious immigration concessions in return.

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