Tucker Carlson Tonight – 4/24/18 | Fox News


Kyle Kashuv, the second amendment-supporting Parkland massacre survivor, tells Tucker that school security officers pulled him out of class and questioned him Monday after he tweeted about visiting a gun range with his father.

MS-13 threatened to take out Long Island police officers and Nassau County Police Department Commissioner Patrick Ryder says they have responded with a series of sweeps and 46 arrests.

Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel discredited himself with his handling of the Parkland shooting, where he tried to vilify gun owners as a group while heaping credit on himself. Now he faces a no confidence vote from his own deputies.

Tucker: Democratic leaders are now saying things far more extreme than anything a midwestern Methodist like Hillary ever would. Somebody needs to run against them, not against the ghost of some elderly retired nominee from last cycle. Rep. Jim Jordan sounds off.

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