Tucker Carlson Tonight | Fox News – 4/4/18


‘If You Disagree, You’re Evil’: Tucker Acts Out Media’s ‘Scripted’ Response to YouTube Shooting

Tucker Carlson said the mainstream media appears to recite a similar “script” in the wake of mass shooting events.

He said media personalities are professionals at making “sweeping, dumb generalizations” and must “draw hard and fast conclusions” almost immediately.

Using the media’s reaction to the Florida school shooting as an example, Carlson played out what the response would be to the YouTube shooting if seen through the same prism.

Because the shooter was a woman, Carlson said the media would have to deem “toxic femininity” a reason for the crime – in the same way “toxic masculinity” is often blamed for male-executed crimes.

He said people would also have to “focus relentlessly on the gun [because] it’s always the gun’s fault.”

Therefore, Carlson theorized a blanket ban on Smith & Wesson 9mm pistols.

“If you disagree with that, you’re evil,” he said of a predicted media response.

Carlson also referenced how the shooter was a member of PETA and an animal rights activist.

In the way that media personalities have claimed the National Rifle Association deserves blame for other shootings, Carlson said the equivalent response would be to blame PETA and hold a town hall wherein they could shout at PETA officials.

He appeared to reference a CNN town hall where NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch was blasted by participants.

But, Carlson said that none of those examples came to fruition after the YouTube shooting because those immediate conclusions don’t “advance the objectives of the Democratic Party” as they do after other tragedies.

He also played tape of former Bush White House official Nicolle Wallace speaking about gun control when she appeared to mistake the air release from a soda can being opened for gunfire.

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