Tucker Carlson Tonight | Fox News | March 27, 2018



Tucker: If progressives really cared about representative democracy, they’d be vigilant about preventing voter fraud. Instead the left actively abets it. What progressives really care about is power. They hate the fact you took some of theirs by voting for Donald Trump in 2016. They want it back. By any means necessary.

An Orange County sheriff is challenging the sanctuary cities law by publicly posting inmates’ release dates – and risking her own possible arrest.

Julianne Benzel was placed on paid administrative leave after she questioned if school officials would support the anti-abortion March For Life in the same way they encouraged participation in the National School Walkout promoting gun control. She tells Tucker her story.

Tucker: What has happened in Hazleton, Pa. is happening around the country: Neighborhoods transformed forever, with no public debate. What’s interesting is where it’s not happening: in the neighborhoods where the people making these decisions live.

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