Tucker Carlson Tonight | Fox News | March 29, 2018


Tucker: In the 1990s, Bill Clinton pledged to deport illegal immigrants. In the 2000s, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton touted efforts to secure the border. As president, the Obama administration created DACA and other programs to block deportations for certain favored illegals. Now, in the Trump presidency, the Left’s mask is off entirely.

Author and radio host Mark Steyn reacts to Tucker’s interview with former Obama administration and Clinton campaign communications director Jennifer Palmieri.

The Golden State is losing its glitter, rapidly. California has the nation’s highest poverty rate. homelessness is rampant. State officials are focused on protecting illegal immigrants from deportation rather than reversing the flight of the state’s middle class. Actor and model Fabio, an immigrant, weighs in on California’s decline.

Tucker: The Left Sees Illegal Immigrants Voting as a Way to Obtain Power

This week’s news quiz on the week’s current events features Fox News correspondent Peter Doocy and weekend anchor Elizabeth Prann.

Web Exclusive Full Interview: Former Hillary Clinton Communications Director Jennifer Palmieri tells Tucker why her new book is not strictly a political book, what she took away from Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, her advice for young women entering the workplace and more.

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