Tucker Carlson Tonight | Fox News Show | March 16, 2018


‘He Killed An American Citizen’: Steyn Battles Lawyer Over ‘Malicious Prosecution’ in Steinle Case

Mark Steyn debated an immigration attorney over claims of “malicious prosecution” by the man acquitted of the murder of Kate Steinle.

Jose Inez Garcia Zarate was convicted of weapons charges but not murder in the 2015 killing of Steinle.

Zarate’s lawyers are now reportedly bringing a claim of “malicious prosecution” against the government.

Steyn told immigration attorney David Leopold that, normally, malicious prosecution cases are brought because of a deemed lack of probable cause.

Leopold said the lawyers may have standing because of the way President Trump has “villified [and] criminalized immigrants” like Zarate, an illegal immigrant from Mexico.

He said people have “taken Kate Steinle’s death [as a] broad brush attack against immigrants.”

Steyn noted that he himself is an immigrant from Canada and is not generalizing about immigrants.

“We’re talking about him because he killed an American citizen,” Steyn said. “He’s one immigrant who’s been credibly accused of committing a crime.”

Later in the debate, Steyn accused Leopold of using “fluffy-bunny, unicorn talking points” about the positive attributes of immigrants.


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