Tucker Carlson Tonight | Fox News Show | March 19, 2018



Tucker Blasts ‘Third-World Nonsense’ Surrounding Andrew McCabe’s Firing

Tucker Carlson criticized what he called allegations of “third-world nonsense” against fired Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe and other federal law enforcement officials.

Carlson said that whether it is a street cop or FBI brass, “dishonest law enforcement is a big deal, no matter who the president is.”

He said the FBI is the most powerful law enforcement agency in the world, and that if allegations are true and McCabe or others lied during an investigation, it would constitute the “worst abuse of power.”

Carlson called such a situation “third-world nonsense” and ripped media figures and liberal politicians for claiming President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ decisions to fire those suspected of misconduct to be the real criminals.

Maryland Sen. Chris Van Hollen (D) said McCabe’s firing is something Russian President Vladimir Putin would do, and Mika Brzezinski – an MSNBC host and daughter of Carter adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski – said Trump is engaging in “authoritarian behavior.”

Carlson pointed out that Obama-era CIA Director John Brennan “became completely unglued” about the firing on Twitter, saying that Trump’s “venality [and] moral turpitude” will one day come to light and place him in the “dustbin of history,” marked as “a disgraced demagogue.”

Carlson said that and Obama-era U.N. Ambassador Samantha Power’s warning not “to piss off John Brennan” is exactly why people fear the “deep state.”

“This is what it looks like when it bares its fangs,” Carlson said. “Thwart us and we will destroy you.”

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