Tucker Carlson Tonight | Fox News Show | March 7, 2018


‘If Texas Goes Blue, It’s Over’: Tucker Says Dems Want ‘Brand New Electorate’ Through Amnesty

Tucker Carlson said recent instances of voter fraud in Texas and the Democrats’ liberal immigration policies are a sign they intend to import a new electorate since they cannot win over the one that exists.

“If Texas goes blue, it’s over,” he said, noting that Republicans cannot win the presidency without Texas – the most populous state that reliably votes for them.

Carlson said winning Texas is Democrats’ top priority.

In Texas, voter registration is on the “honor system” like in many other states.

He pointed to a study of four of the state’s 254 counties, which showed hundreds of illegal votes among a collection of non-citizens registered to cast ballots.

“Voter fraud benefits them,” he said of the Democrats. “This is what foreign interference actually looks like in an election.”

Carlson said Democrats fight voter identification laws and push for amnesty in order to make their “scheme” legal.

“A brand new electorate from a foreign country – that’s what they want,” he said. “Vladimir Putin was never that ambitious.”

It’s ‘Under Attack’: Professor Says Men Taught There’s Something Wrong With Masculinity

In the first installment of a weekly series on Men In America, Tucker Carlson discussed the disparagement of masculinity with University of Toronto Professor Jordan Peterson.

Carlson said many middle-aged men know people who have committed suicide, and that younger women may seem more “on the ball” than young men.

He added that in the recent rash of mass shootings, all culprits were men.

“Something ominous is happening to men in America,” he said, noting that leaders and politicians claim America must instead create more opportunity for women and girls.

Carlson said men are twice as likely to be alcoholics or addicts, along with several other troubling statistics.

Peterson said that a lot of the problems can be linked to the public perception that there is “something wrong with masculinity.”

He said that competition as a “valid form of human interaction” is shunned more and more in public.

“[A main] ideological worldview sees mankind as the oppression of women by men,” he said, calling such an idea a fallacy and “pathological.”

Peterson said that many of the problems that plague men in America stem from the fact their masculinity is often criticized.

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