Tucker Carlson Tonight | March 26, 2018 – Fox News



Tucker: Marchers Say Ending Gun Violence is ‘So Easy that Children Know How to Do It’

Tucker Carlson said demonstrators in the weekend’s March For Our Lives are adamant that they have all the answers to gun violence.

“Ending violence in America is easy,” Carlson said. “So easy that children know how to do it.”

Carlson said the youth who spoke at the rallies said “all that stands between the broken chaotic country we live in and the peaceful utopia of the future is a very small group of evil people – mostly Republicans.”

He quoted Washington march participant David Hogg, a 17-year-old student at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, who said there are “sick f****rs” who want to “sell more guns, murder more children and honestly get reelected.”

Another student, Carlson said, told viewers that “if you take money from the NRA, you have chosen death.”

Carlson lamented the fact that apparently if the Fairfax, Va.-based gun rights group “wasn’t so blindly committed to killing children, we wouldn’t have shootings in the first place.”

He said that Vox reporter German Lopez wrote that the solution lies in implementing an Australian-style gun confiscation program.

Carlson said such ideas are proof that too many people believe the “fantasy” that “complex problems have simple solutions.”

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