Watters’ World | Fox News Show | March 3, 2018

Who would win between Joe Biden and Donald Trump? Former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci provides his perspective.

If you say something dumb, you cannot run and you cannot hide and we’re going to call you out.

Millie March on why she’s one of President Trump’s youngest and most energetic supporters.

In his “Watters’ Words” monologue, Jesse Watters recalled the “dumbest things” politicians have said thus far in 2018.

One of the incidents of ineptitude on Watters’ list was courtesy New York Sen. Charles Schumer, the Democratic leader.

Schumer recently announced on the senate floor that he would not be voting to confirm a nominee to the federal bench because of his race.

He voted against the nomination of Judge Marvin Quattlebaum for the South Carolina District Court on account of the fact he was not African-American.

Schumer said President Trump nominated Quattlebaum and “scuttled” two previous Obama nominees who were black.

“Senator, at least ‘try’ not to sound racist,” Watters said.

At the California Democratic Party convention, Rep. Maxine Waters of Los Angeles said there was little difference between Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.

Watters ripped Waters for saying both men have “questionable agendas and questionable mental health.”

“You compared your president to a genocidal dictator… who wants to blow up your state of California,” Watters said.

Watters also pointed to a recent interview Tucker Carlson held with a liberal publisher.

Cathy Areu told Carlson that the suffix “man” on general words is offensive.

She nodded when Carlson asked if the Wall Street firm Goldman Sachs should be renamed Goldperson Sachs.

Playing off Areu’s comment, Watters also noted how Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau reprimanded a constituent in Edmonton, Alberta for using the term “mankind.”


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